Poco F1 – Is This Device The Best Phone Under 30,000?

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About The Phone

This device is considered the best phone in it’s price with Snapdragon 845, FHD Screen and a Notch display. But is this phone worth it? Everyone knows about this device, I don’t think I need to tell you about it’s features, let’s jump on to the problems.

Problems On The Poco F1

There are a lot of problems with this new device from Xiaomi so, I will be listing some of them, that really matters along with company’s statement on the same.

  1. Multi Touch Problem
    Almost all Indian and Indonesian units and some foreign units suffer from this multitouch issue where you can not aim correctly in games like PUBG,Modern Combat and others. The bug can be mistaken as Oreo Multitouch Bug but it’s not because the bug still persists in Android 9 as well as custom ROMS. As per my speculations, it’s a hardware defect, not software.
    Xiaomi’s Reply: Xiaomi is not ‘actually’ acknowledging the problem, they said that the problem is because of network delay.
  2. Screen Bleeding
    A lot of Poco F1 units has Screen bleeding at edges.
    Xiaomi’s Reply: According to Xiaomi, it’s actually a software issue and is by design, they said that the issue is fixed in MIUI10 (although some users report that the issue is reduced but not completely removed) and about 0.3% of the devices (I think that the affected units are more than that) are affected by the hardware defect and the company urges them to visit nearest service centre to have the device looked closely.
  3. Widevine L1 Support
    Poco F1 doesn’t have Widevine Level 1 support due to which you can’t view videos in HD in apps like Netflix, Amazon and other VOD services. 
    But Sony XZ2 provided an OTA update to change DRM level? No! they already had the required certificate keys in the device and their stock ROM did support L1 certification. Only the previous P builds didn’t have it and needed an update.
    Xiaomi’s Reply: Xiaomi says that they are having a look at the issue and have contacted Google and Qualcomm about this, but I don’t think that it is going to happen, this issue can not be solved over an OTA.


Do We Recommend This?

Display Software Design Performance Screen On Time Camera Network Quality (LTE,WiFi,etc)

The Phone Is Best In It’s Range, But We Don’t Recommend It…

Yes, the phone offers features that other companies don’t offer, but it also has some issues that are not looked after and the company is making stupid statements on the same. Right now, we don’t recommend buying this phone until everything is sorted out and even if you decide to buy this, please check if your phone has any issues that is mentioned above and return the phone ASAP. 6.86




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